Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Basic burger joint doing a fine job of serving simple fare.

Lion's Tap serves the basics and does a fine job of it. Burgers, crinkle fries and draft beer. One perk is that burgers never go out of style, and the simple setting and service makes this a concept that continues to thrive.

Over the years, Lion's Tap has had many incarnations including a vegetable stand called Peterson Brothers Market. Then in a stroke of genius, Severin and Ernest Peterson, thought people may like a beer while they stopped at the stand. Not surprisingly, the beer was so popular that after a couple of changes-of-ownership, the vegetable stand was closed so more attention could be paid to the bar business. Beer and some bootlegged whiskey were business staples for years and then food was reintroduced. (That food eventually became the Deli Express business.)

The kitchen staff is still hand-patting burgers and offering them up in a very few varieties and all have the option of single or double: plain, cheese, bacon-cheese, California, California cheese, and mushroom and Swiss. Burgers are cooked to order, and you can get them as rare or as well-done as you like. Don’t want a burger? Request a grilled cheese or BLT off-menu. Try not to be surprised that it comes on the same bun as the burgers get.

If you're seeking fancy with unusual ingredients, keep driving. If you're looking for simple fare, stop in.