Video Review – Closet Goals with Rose Jubb
Video Review – Closet Goals with Rose Jubb

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Style-guru, author, and speaker Rose Jubb hosts a funny and heartwarming makeover docuseries bringing together the declutter satisfaction of Marie Kondo with the spirit-lifting power of Queer Eye. All with a sustainable, accessible angle fit for any woman and any budget.

I love Queer Eye, and Marie Kondo was inspirational for me to move things on out of my life, so naturally, Closet Goals would be a good fit too. Rose Jubb is a genuine, friendly guide that helps people feel great about themselves. I love that she doesn't do a big reveal because her goal is for the women she is helping to feel great about their look, and it isn't about how other folks think they look.

Closet Goals stylist, Rose Jubb, teaches effortless ways to look put-together, love your closet. Bonus, you'll feel more confident by styling yourself for the life you want. Rose encourages people to strive to have attire that reflects where they are going while being comfortable with their personal style. That's a robust approach.  

As I was watching the first two episodes, it struck me how challenging it can be to allow someone else to peek into your closet. I'm sure I would be hiding some of my ratty favorites and hoping Rose wouldn't find them. We all love our warm and fuzzy Minnesota winter sweatpants and sweatshirts – and admittedly, some of them are pretty awful! In Episode 2, I could hear and see my reality. "I never wear these out in public." "I need pockets, women's clothes don't have real pockets." Episode 1 had similar moments that reminded me of myself and the people I love too. How do some of those items end up in our closets? Why are good pants so hard to find?

Rose will help you will learn to hack your closet (and your mornings too), shop like a professional stylist, find your style, and style yourself using stylist tricks that work for any size and shape.

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