Book Review: Franklin: The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs by Matthew Duffy
Book Review: Franklin: The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs by Matthew Duffy

Canine authority Jeff Franklin is the owner and operator of Cobra Canine, a full-service dog training center and kennel providing the world’s best canine training for dog obedience, and detection and security services. 

Franklin has over twenty-eight years of experience and has worked with over 10,000 pet dogs and families. He goes beyond typical avoidance training and focuses on teaching dogs how to live in the human world. 

Franklin transforms the lives of families and turns pets into assets by instructing owners how to take the confusion out of things for the animal and teaching dogs manners and lifestyle skills. 

A pioneer behind Elite Working dogs trained for the United States Military, and a veteran himself, Franklin also trains dogs for police, SWAT, Military units, personal protection, and drug detection. He has been directly responsible for serving the needs of several large programs, including DOS, Pentagon, US Customs, US Military, Guatemala, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay, Algeria, and numerous police departments. Franklin has over ten years of real-world experience as a police canine handler and trainer and has seen first-hand the results of his efforts.

Franklin: The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs tells the story of how Franklin rose from a Marine and police officer to become one of the most influential canine trainers in the world. Franklin, with no template to guide him, single-handedly turns men and dogs into the world’s foremost K9-combat teams who meet the “high-octane” demands of Task Forces worldwide. 


Franklin: The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs

Gunfire was closing in quickly on Jeff’s location, the clamor of soldiers in battle seemed to be just on the other side of a thin green veil. Giving up precious time, Jeff lowered himself to the ground and crawled through the mud and debris to get a look at the voice without exposing himself. Separating some vines, Jeff saw a figure rushing towards him. About ten yards out, the outline of a man stepped around the bole of a giant tree. Jeff saw instantly it was Mingo. Holding true to his duty, he had returned to the pickup to protect his charge. Upon seeing his bodyguard, Jeff jumped up and waved Mingo over. Mingo stood fast however. In a gravelly voice befitting his rough countenance he shouted above the encroaching gunshots and screams, “Apura, vamos!” Jeff understood what Mingo was saying, but he wasn’t about to leave Bosco behind for the FARC to kill or torture. Jeff turned back for the truck and hollered out, “I’m going to get the dog!” The men were virtually out of evasion time, and it showed in Mingo’s furious response, “No perro! Vamos, ahora!” 

As desperate and frightening as that situation was, the decision to go back for Bosco was an easy one for the Marine-turned-dog-trainer. Jeff could clearly hear the call to charge to the aid of a fellow warrior from his Sergeant in the opening moments of Desert Storm nearly two decades prior. The warrior not being human didn’t really factor into Jeff’s decision. Jeff’s mantra is, “No living teammate left behind.” In Mingo’s defense, being the hard, stoic, non-dog-man that he was, Jeff had no expectations of him understanding those feelings. He fully expected, without blame, for his bodyguard to exit the scene in self-preservation mode, and leave survival up to each individual. The opportunity to fall back and regroup was gone by the time Jeff reached the Hilux. Live rounds were cutting through the trees only feet from him and Bosco. No more than five feet nine inches tall, Jeff is a medium framed man, but he’s powerful. A lifetime of athletics cultivated extraordinary strength for a man of his size. Reaching over the truck bed, Jeff grabbed the mid- connecting flange of Bosco’s crate, and with a Herculean grunt pulled the giant dog (crate and all) over the side of the pick-up. The crate crashed to the ground as the truck’s windshield blew out from machine gun fire. With his boots against the bottom edge of the toppled crate, Jeff put ten fingers through the grated gate and pulled with enough force to pop it open. Bosco burst from confinement looking to eradicate the source of the incoming bullets! He had been contained for a long while, patiently waiting for this opportunity to make things right! 

Jeff Franklin's memoir by Matthew Duffy, Franklin: The Man Behind the United States Commando Dogs, offers a refreshing look into his exciting career and is available on Amazon. Connect with Jeff Franklin on FacebookTwitterInstagram and visit the Cobra Canine website