Stock Tank Pools – More Popular Than Ever
Stock Tank Pools – More Popular Than Ever
Stock Tank Pools

You know you want one! Here's how to make it happen.  

Temps are predicted to get into the 80s next week, and I'm sure some people are contemplating doing a pool. Well, keep considering, and know an in-ground pool may cost $30,000. 

In the ultra-short Minnesota season known as summer, you may be enjoying your pool from Memorial Day through Labor Day. What does that amount to? $326/day for your pool? Probably less the first year given construction costs. 

Instead of planting a cement pond in your yard, consider the affordable galvanized stock tank option. When I see these tanks, I'm transported back to my childhood and visiting relatives in the country. These are a fun and rustic celebration of summer. 

Your stock tank pool is easy to set up too. Find a flat spot in your yard, seal your tank, set it down, add a pump if you want to, and you're ready to go! While not maintenance-free, your tub is easy to maintain by draining after use or use an above-ground pool pump/filter to help keep it clean. Look into treating with a chlorine float and test it like you would a pool or spa. Remember, if it gets too gross, it's easy to drain and refill. 

Want to jazz up the tank? Add some rock tiles around the area or build a wooden deck around it. You could even add wooden siding around the edges. 

What about the cost? You can probably get started for between $200-$500 and add in the price of a pump, and your summer yard party is ready to go! Okay, maybe some pool floats and something for your drinks to float around on too. Probably want a simple way for your dogs to get in and out too. 

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