5 Dog-Friendly Minnesota Gardens and Arboretums
5 Dog-Friendly Minnesota Gardens and Arboretums
Dog Friendly Gardens Arboretums Minnesota

5 Dog-Friendly Twin City Metro Minnesota Gardens and Arboretums 

How many seasons does Minnesota have? Two? Hot and Cold, or are there more? Well, depending on whom you ask, there are more, many more. Minnesota is a Continental Climate, which means we have a relatively dry climate with sweltering summers and frigid winters, characteristic of Asia and North America's central parts.

The Loon 103.7 shared the 12 Seasons of Minnesota 
Winter - We all know this one. Bitter cold, snow, and ice. By far, my least favorite time of the year.
Fool's Spring - Sure feels like Spring, but Minnesotans know Mother Nature is just messing with us.
Second Winter - How about another blizzard to show who's boss? Yes, this second winter season is downright depressing. Sping of Deception - Aw yeah, now we're talkin'. Nice temps. Yay, Spring is in the air.
Third Winter - Hey, how about just one more round of snow?
The Pollening - After all the crappy weather has kept your sinuses guessing, it's now time to let allergies kick your ass.
Actual Spring - The trees are budding, and occasional rain showers wash away all the Winter slime. Yay, it's here!
Summer - Mild daytime temps with cool nights. Bugs have figured out where you are.
Hell's Front Porch - Hot and humid with the occasional thunder boomer. Maybe even a tornado or two. Great time to get out on the lake and enjoy being scantily clad.
False Fall - Cooler temps and time to get the warmer wardrobe out, but don't put away the Summer stuff quite yet.
Second Summer - It's back! Enjoy the great temps and take advantage of the mild weather to clean up the leaves that have given up for the year.
Actual Fall - Finally here, that grease slide to Winter we call Fall. RIP bugs. 
And the cycle continues.

Lyndale Park Gardens

Big, beautiful, extensive gardens make for a magical stroll, especially in the Spring. Plenty of roses to stop and smell with your pooch, and those aren't the only beautiful flower gardens to enjoy. In addition to the rose garden is the Hummingbird and Butterfly Garden, the Peace Garden, and the Perennial and Annual Display Garden. Take time to walk around and enjoy the scenery while taking photos of the different backdrops showcasing your dog. 

Horton Park Arboretum 

Dogs and their people are welcome to cultivate the tree explorer in them by taking a stroll through Saint Paul's first and only arboretum. This one square block park, off Minnehaha Avenue, possesses over 50 unique tree species! Many informative signs dot the park, so follow the map or explore and learn about your local trees. While you're in the area, check out the Midway area. This district gets its name from its location: midway between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. A variety of retail stores, grocers, and restaurants, operated by owners representing various nationalities, provide a bustling mix of commerce and traffic on any day of the week. 

Longfellow Gardens

Located along Minnehaha Creek, Longfellow Gardens is a fantastic place for walking and smelling. Filled with various pollinating plants and their pollinators, you have a great chance at seeing hummingbirds on this stroll. Add some time to your walk (5-10 minutes) and venture over to Minnehaha Falls and the Pergola Garden

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

You and your dog will love looking at art and wandering through gardens. There are approximately 40 outdoor sculptures created by artists known worldwide. If you prefer a more traditional garden, there are 11 landscaped acres at the Sculpture Garden too.

Western Sculpture Park

Located west of the Minnesota State Capitol, this park is part of the historic Rondo neighborhood. This park features artists from all over the United States, including the 66-foot Grace à Toi by internationally renowned sculptor Mark di Suvero, who was awarded a National Medal for the Arts in 2010. 

BONUS ARBORETUM - Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

With a dog-added membership, you and your dog can tour the Dog Commons On-Leash Trails at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, a 65-acre dog trail system that includes two main trails with a linking connector.  

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